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WOOOAAA! Loving it, I find this tutorial on deviantart.

the totally awesome f0rmaldehyde made the tutorial. I hope this can help any hardcore digital artists out there!

Reblogging with a link to a larger version of the file. 

Most excellent, I need new nibs soon!

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al sarmen as judal’s personal makeup artists

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how big is ur penis?? i don’t want length, i want volume, surface area and density

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On this endless night, I only have one wish
For a shining light in a starless sky
Even those fleeting stars, too far away now,
Will be reborn and surely shine in the night sky [ ~ ]

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How to Make Your Own Justaway




  • toilet paper roll
  • ping pong ball
  • 2 toothpicks
  • scissors (optional: utility knife)
  • tape (optional: glue)
  • permanent marker
  • colored paper

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Track: Clear x Aoba Betsu Countdown Voice
Artist: Stella Worth DRAMATICAL Murder Reconnect Countdown Voice Betsu Ver. CD
8,391 plays


Yeah I had to do a crappy ass translation for this because lmfao. I think this is different to the original coundown voices? If not feel free to shoot me omg. Its from the Stella Worth Countdown Voice Betsu Version CD. 

Clear: DRAMAtical Murder Reconnect, 4 more days!
Aoba: I know right!
Clear: Waaah! So soon, Aoba-san! So exciting!
Aoba: There’s a story about you too.
Clear: Yes. And once more … I get to roll around with Aoba-san! Mmm! And ****** the ****** and do******!! 
Aoba: Hey…
Clear: AND THEN I get to do **** To Aoba-san’s ***** and ****** his ***** or maybe even ****** him! Now that I’m thinking about it, I can’t just turn back now!
Aoba: Hey, wait a second Clear.
Clear: Yes, what is it?
Aoba: Stop saying weird things. I’m not gonna do any of that anyway.
Clear: Ahhh…Aoba-san… Again that… But I don’t remember much of the dazzling, peach-colored bliss at all… But that Aoba-san was so wonderful. Aoba-san’s face is different at day and night … its just so…
Aoba: Hey, you …. KNOCK IT OFF!
Clear: That hurt! Uuuuu… DRAMAtical Murder Reconnect… 4 more days… Thank you very much ….
Aoba: Don’t say it so sadly like that …

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